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Summer Autumn 2000/2001
Volume 5 Number 4 and Volume 6 Number 1 (double issue)
Published February 2001


  • The CAMELL expedition's complete circumnavigation of Australia, now into its fifth year, is approaching the half-way mark on the Western Australian coastline! The expedition, led by Alexandra Hughes Bannister and Lew Bailey, has had to overcome just about every obstacle that could be thrown in their path but they still trudge on. Catch all the news in this issue of Australian Camel News.
  • Wild Gobi Desert bactrian camels may be new species altogether. Scientists have revealed that the rare Gobi Desert bactrian camels in China and Mongolia may in fact be a new mammal species all together. If this is true it would be one of the most exciting nature-world discoveries of the new century and perhaps even the last.
  • Book Review - The Nutrient Requirements of the Dromedary Camels. 1997. Dr Muhammad F. Wardeh.
  • A letter from Pushkar - John Wilkinson is one of Australia's most experienced cameleers and he writes home with some sobering observations after a visit to the world's largest camel fair at Pushkar, India.
  • Camel health - Skin abscesses on the dromedary camel. Skin abscesses are a very common aesthetic problem with camels and this feature analyses their cause, treatment and prevention.
  • Camel health - Papillomatosis (warts). One often sees a number of small warty things on the nose or lips of their young camels and this small feature gives a little background on this harmless condition.
  • The global camel economy - a year 2000 snapshot. Where are the world's camels? How have population levels changed over the last two decades on a country by country basis? Who's importing? Who's exporting? Who's milking and who's eating. A very comprehensive look at the global camel economy in 2000 can be obtained from this feature.
  • Simple Arab hobbles and safe tethering. Peter Towle (NSW, Australia).
  • Camel health - Mad Camel Disease - is it a possibility? This interesting article looks at the insidious disease know as Mad Cow Disease and asks whether a similar condition might be possible in the dromedary camel.
  • Camel health - Anthrax in camels. Anthrax is one of the most important bacterial diseases of the camel. It strikes suddenly and fatalities are almost inevitable before the condition is diagnosed. It is also highly infectious to humans. This article takes a look at anthrax in Australia and teaches you to recognise the deadly symptoms.
  • Camel health - Using the insecticide Diazinon for an alternative and effective treatment of sarcoptic mange.
  • And much more.
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