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Complete index of Australian Camel News, Volume 1 Number 1 to Volume 4 Number 4.


26th Tpt Sqn (Puckapunyal) v2/2 p.5, v2/4 p.3, v4/3 p.13,
ACSAD v2/1 p.2,
American Camel Club v4/1 p.6,
Australian Camel Association (ACA) v3/1 p.1,4, v3/2 p.6,
    inaugural membership forms v3/1 p.6-7,
  • Australian Camel Racing Association (ACRA) v1/3 p.4, v2/3 p.7, v2/4 p.1,3, v3/1 p1-2, 3,
    "making sense of the mess" v3/3 p.1,
    elects management committee v3/4 p.12, v4/1 p.13,
    newsletter v4/1 p.12,
  • Bactrian camels v3/2 p.3,
    last wild herd v1/3 p.3, v2/4 p.9,
    fighting bactrians in Turkey v3/2 p.3,
    Mongolian trek (1935) v2/1 p.3,
  • Barker, H.M. v1/3 p.4, v4/1 p.3,
    Berlin camel races v2/3 p.7,
    Belly dancers v2/4 p.5,
    Boulia (Qld) camel races v2/2 p.1,
    Browsing, camel v3/3 p.9,
    CACIA v1/4 p.4, v2/1 p.1, v3/1 p.5, v4/4 p.3,
    stomach v4/1 p.4,
  • books
    Desert Places (Robin Davidson) v1/3 p.3, v1/4 p.6,
  • biography
    Outback by Camel (Rex Ellis) v3/3 p.6,
  • health
    Camels - A Compendium v2/2 p.5,
    Infectious diseases of camelids v2/4 p.4,
    Colour Atlas Camelid Hematology v4/1 p.5,
    Nutrient Requirements of the Dromedary Camels by Dr M.F. Wardeh v4/4 p.9,
  • industry
    CACIA - selected meat cuts and information v2/3 p.2,
  • death
    by lightning v2/4 p.9,
    camel attitudes to death v4/1 p.9, v4/3 p.10,
  • dental eruption patterns v2/1 p.11-12,
    destruction of v2/3 p.3, 4-5, v3/2 p.1,
    senseless v3/2 p.1, v3/2 p.5, v3/4 p.5, v4/4 p.2,
  • expeditions v4/4 p.8,
    Australia criss-crossed by camel v3/4 p.4,
    Australian east-west crossing 1998 v3/4 p.1,10, v4/1 p.8,9,
    Capricorn Camel Crossing 1999 v4/2 p.1, v4/3 p.5,10, v4/4 p.5,
    David Carnegie 1896 (Aust.) v1/4 p.6, v3/4 p.4,
    Expedition 2000 (1999) v4/2 p.1, v4/3 p.3,4, v4/4 p.8,
    humps NOT dumps expedition v4/3 p.1, v4/4 p.8,
    Kenya, in v2/4 p.6-7,
    silk road v1/3 p.3,
  • feet and tracks v3/4 p.2,
    grazing habits v4/1 p.8,
    colic in the camel v3/3 p.4,
    dental eruption patterns v2/1 p.11-12,
    foot disorders v1/3 p.4,
    foot injuries v1/4 p.5,
    health indicators v3/3 p.5,
    indicators v3/4 p.2,
    faeces v3/4 p.2, v4/1 p.9,
    heart rate v4/1 p.9,
    temperature v4/1 p.9,
  • Johne's Disease in Australia v3/4 p.7,10,
    laxative v2/3 p.7,
    mange v1/3 p.4, v4/4 p.8,
    nutritional requirements v3/3 p.5,
    see also "ticks"
    nasal bot fly v2/1 p.4, v3/4 p.6
    Trichuris v1/4 p.6, v2/4 p.4,
    whipworm (treatment of) v1/4 p.6, v2/4 p.4,
    not cured by Ivomec v4/1 p.8, v1/4 p.6,
  • protein requirements v3/3 p.5,
    salt requirements v3/3 p.5,
    selenium requirements v2/1 p.4,
    temperature fluctuations v1/2 p.5,
    throat obstructions v1/3 p.3, v1/4 p.6, v3/3 p.5,
    ticks v1/3 p.4,
    veterinary help
    colic v3/3 p.4,
    healing (wounds) v1/3 p.3,
    sedation v1/3 p.3, v1/4 p.6,
    throat obstructions v1/3 p.3,
    whipworm (controlling) v1/4 p.6,
  • yellow fluid from nostrils? v2/3 p.7,
  • humour
    bagpipes (don't like) v4/4 p.11,
    drink-driving-a-camel charge v3/4 p.3,
    singing atop a camel v4/3 p.10,
    swallows a ring v2/4 p.9,
  • husbandry
    castration v1/4 p.6, v2/3 p.3,
    vaccine to prevent bulls on heat v1/4 p.4
    weaning v2/1 p.4,
  • information sources v1/2 p.2, v1/3 p.3, v2/1 p.2,
    information database v1/3 p.5,
    intelligence v3/4 p.2, v4/3 p.2,
    Barker H.M. quote v3/4 p.2,
    "clever teddys or just teddys?" v4/4 p.7,
    J Barnes' article v3/4 p.8,9,
    Tinson response v4/2 p.2-3,
  • licensing of (NSW) v1/3 p.4,7, (SA) v2/1 p.4,
    meat (export) v1/4 p.4,
    meat (domestic) v2/1 p.1, v3/3 p.3,4, v4/4 p.3,
    milk production v1/2 p.5, v1/3 p.4, v1/4 p.5,
    milk for sale v1/4 p.3,
    milk (price of) v2/3 p.7,
    milk (icecream) v2/3 p.7,
    nature and temperament v2/3 p.3, v2/4 p.5, v4/4 p.2, v4/4 p.7,
    aggression v4/1 p.7, v4/4 p.10,
    bulls, of v2/4 p.5, v4/3 p.4,
    children, with v4/2 p.7,
    directional walking v3/3 p.13, v4/4 p.6,
    negative quotes v4/1 p.3,
  • oil (hump) v1/4 p.4,
    poisoning v3/3 p.6,
    Dubosia hopwoodii v1/4 p.6,
    ironwood v2/4 p.6,
    Nerium oleander v3/3 p.10,
    Oleander see Nerium oleander
    Scarlet Poinsettia v2/1 p.5,
    being selective in unknown territory v4/1 p.8,
  • reproduction
    semen collection in Bactrians v2/1 p.3,
    statistics v2/1 p.3,
    signs of pregnancy v4/1 p.10,
    twins v1/3 p.4,
  • saddlers (in Australia) v1/2 p.3,
    nutrition, in v3/3 p.5,
    requirements v3/3 p.5,
    salt metabolism v1/2 p.5,
    salt (tolerance to salt water) v2/1 p.3,
  • selenium v2/1 p.4,
    sex change v2/1 p.3,
    temperature fluctuations v1/2 p.5
    within Australia v1/1 p4, v3/3 p.2, v4/2 p.7(NT),
    CVO phone numbers for help v3/3 p.13,
  • value in the USA v1/4 p.3,
    water conservation v1/2 p.4-6,
    wool v2/2 p.2-4,
  • Camel Caravan magazine v4/1 p.6,
    Camel Destruction Act 1925 (Aust) v2/3 p.3, 4-5,
    Camel Racing Association of Australia v4/2 p.7,
    Camell (circumnavigation of Aust. by camel) v2/3 p.3-4, v4/1 p.6, v4/4 p.6,
    Cartoons v4/3 p.7,
    Castration v1/4 p.6, v2/1 p.4, v2/3 p.3,
    Chechnya v2/1 p.3,
    Code of Practice v2/3 p.4, v3/1 p.4,
    First world congress on Camelids 1996 v1/3 p.3,
    First Eilat International conference on camelids v1/4 p.1,
    Libyan Camel Conference 1990 v2/1 p.3,
    Recent advances of camels in Africa (Kenya 1997) v2/1 p.4,
    Camel production and future performance (1998) v2/4 p.9,
  • Cooking with camel
    camel hoof paste (soup) v4/4 p.11,
  • Diet, Australian, of camels v3/3 p.9,
    Dog fence, camels threaten v4/4 p.3,
    re: camel races on bush horse races v1/3 p.1,
    re: Arab attitudes toward Aust. camels v1/4 p.1,
    re: potential for fragmentation in industry v2/2 p.2,
    re: first "international" camel races in Aust. v2/3 p.1, (also response in v2/3 p.4)
    re: ACRA initiative (need to work together) v2/4 p.1,
    re: Australian camel industry overview v3/1 p.1,5,
    re: killing camels for pleasure v3/2 p.2,
    re: money in racing and A. Springs charity event v3/3 p.2,
    re: ACRA's formation of exec. committee v3/4 p.2,
    re: brotherhood of seasoned camel drivers ~ angry v4/1 p.2, (more)
    re: tragedy of conditional race entry v4/3 p.2,
    re: where to now with Aust. came racing v4/4 p.2,6,
  • Eunuch v2/3 p.5, v3/4 p.11, v4/4 p.1,4,
    Export of camels (to UAE) v4/2 p.4,
    Games, involving camel themes v2/4 p.8,
    Hematology v4/1 p.5,
    Harelip, how the camel got its v2/4 p.8,
    Hartley, Brian v1/3 p.2,
    History of camels in Australia v2/4 p.5,
    Australia's first camel v2/4 p.5, v4/2 p.7, v4/3 p.2,
    "A camel called Harry" v4/1 p.1,4,
  • Hobbles (use and manufacture) v4/3 p.9,
    Homing sense v2/1 p.4,
    Horrocks, John Ainsworth v4/1 p.1,
    Hunting camels v3/2 p.1, v4/4 p.2,
    Imperial Camel Corps v4/4 p.11,
    Importation from UAE (in the 1990s) v4/2 p.2,
    India v3/2 p.8,
    Code of Practice v2/3 p.4,
    litigation v1/4 p.4, v3/4 p.3,
  • Ivomectum v1/4 p.6,
    Joe - camel cigarette icon v4/4 p.9,
    "Journey across the country" v4/4 p.9,
    Kenya v1/3 p.3, v1/4 p.3, v2/4 p.6-7,
    laxative, camel v2/3 p.7,
    Leeton (NSW) camel races v3/2 p.1,
    Mauritanian camel words v2/1 p.6-7,
    Media relations v4/3 p.8,
    Microchipping camels v4/2 p.2,
    Mongolia (1935) v2/1 p.3,
    Museum, Camel (in Bosnia) v3/2 p.1,
    Nasal bot fly v2/1 p.4, v3/4 p.6,
    Northern Territory, camels in the v2/4 p.6,
    Nose pegs (new) v3/2 p.8,
    Nosepegging v4/1 p.8,
    Panacur v1/4 p.6,
    Australian pastoral attitudes to camels v3/2 p.5,
  • Philippines v2/1 p.3,
    Port Augusta Camel Fair v1/2 p.7, v1/3 p.2, v1/4 p.4,
    Pregnancy, signs of v4/1 p.10,
    Pushkar Camel Fair v1/3 p.3, v2/1 p.2, v2/1 p.5, v2/2 p.4,
    accidents v3/4 p.9, v4/1 p.12,
    Arab racing outline v1/2 p.7,
    Arab style racing v3/2 p.4,
    Australian Race Champions
    Sprint 1996 v1/3 p.1, 1997 v2/3 p.1, 1998 v3/4 p.11, 1999 v4/4 p.1,4,
    Middle 1999 v4/4 p.1,4,
    Distance 1998 v3/4 p.11, 1999 v4/4 p.1,4,
  • Beltana races v2/3 p.6,
    bulls in racing v3/4 p.2,
    camels, selection of v3/3 p.13,
    barrier gates v4/3 p.13,
    Clerk of Course v4/3 p.13,
  • draft national camel race rules v2/3 p.7,
    FICRA (federation of int. camel race associations) v2/4 p.7,
    grass, on v3/2 p.2,
    insurance v3/4 p.9,
    jockey weights (UAE) v1/2 p.7, v4/2 p.4,
    jockeys in the UAE v3/1 p.4,
    origin of modern Australian racing v2/3 p.2,
    overview in 1999 v4/2 p.4,
    problems/conflict in Australia v3/1 p3, v3/2 p.2, v3/2 p.6,
    Albury 1996 v1/2 p.6, 1997 v2/2 p.7, 1998 v3/2 p.7,
    Alice Springs 1996 v1/3 p.5, 1997 v2/3 p.6, 1998 v3/3 p.14, 1999 v4/3 p.13,
    Beltana 1997 v2/4 p.9,
    Blackall 1999 v4/3 p.14,
    Bos Camel Cup 1996 v2/1 p.8,
    Boulia 1997 v2/3 p.6, 1998 v3/3 p.14, 1999 v4/3 p.14,
    Charleville 1998 v3/3 p.14, 1999 v4/3 p.14,
    Geelong v4/2 p.11,
    Kapunda 1999 v4/3 p.13,
    Leeton 1998 v3/2 p.7, 1999 v4/2 p.11,
    Marree 1994 v1/3 p.1, 1995 v1/3 p.1, 1996 v1/3 p.5, 1997 v2/3 p.5, 1998 v3/3 p.14, 1999 v4/3 p.13,
    Moonee Valley 1999 v4/4 p. 12,
    Mount Isa 1997 v3/1 p.8,
    Oaklands 1997 v2/1 p.8, 1998 v3/1 p.8, 1999 v4/1 p.14,
    Patchewollock 1996 v1/3 p.6,
    Port Augusta 1996 v1/3 p.6, 1997 v2/3 p.6, 1998 v3/3 p.15, 1999 v4/3 p.14-15,
    Queanbeyan 1998 v3/2 p.7,
    Scone 1999 v4/3 p.15,
    Streaky Bay 1996 v1/4 p.7, 1997 v2/4 p.9, 1998 v3/4 p.12, 1999 v4/4 p.12,
    Sydney 1999 v4/4 p.12,
  • sponsors
    Rosemount Winery v1/1 p2,
  • time comparisons (for races)
    overseas v1/1 p3, v3/3 p.3, v4/2 p.5,
  • trainer/jockey communications v2/3 p.7,
    Australian camels race in UAE v4/2 p.4,
    President offers race sponsorship v2/4 p.2,
  • value of Arab race camels v1/4 p.2,
    Wilson Report (1999) v4/3 p.8,
  • Raikas of India v2/1 p.4,
    Roads, camels on v2/3 p.7,
    Saddlers v1/4 p.4, v2/2 p.7,
    hobbles (use and manufacture) v4/3 p.9,
    packing material (coconut fibre) v2/2 p.7,
  • Saudi Arabia, number of camels in v2/4 p.9,
    Silk Road v1/3 p.3,
    Snake bite v4/1 p.9, v4/3 p.10,
    Somali camel herders v2/1 p.4,
    Stockman Hall of Fame v4/1 p.12,
    Stomach v4/1 p.4,
    Tanzania v1/4 p.3,
    Taxpayer, at what cost? v2/4 p.2,
    Thesiger, Wilfred (quote) v3/3 p.9,
    Ticks v1/3 p.4, v2/1 p.4, v3/3 p.2,
    Tinson A. v4/2 p.4,
    Trademarks, camel v4/1 p.11,
    Training, camel v3/3 p.10,
    method v4/3 p.1,
    need for patience v4/1 p.2,
    principles v4/4 p.7,
    twiddle test v4/1 p.7,
  • Turkmenistan v2/3 p.7,

    UAE v4/2 p.4,
    veterinarians v1/2 p.1
    Vocabulary, camel v2/1 6-7, v3/3 p.10,
    WACO (WA camel owners association) v2/3 p.5,
    Wally v1/3 p.1,
    Water conservation in camels v1/2 p.4-6,
    Water requirements of camels v3/3 p.8,10, v4/1 p.3, v4/1 p.11,
    Weaning v2/1 p.4,
    Weight lifting, camel v2/1 p.4,
    "Whoosh down" v4/4 p.8,
    William Creek v4/4 p.2,
    Wilson Report (on camel racing) v4/3 p.8,
    Wool v2/2 p.2-4,
    Yagil, Prof. R. v1/2 p.4, v1/4 p.5,
    Zootrichobezoar v3/3 p.5,
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